Carpet care is worthwhile

If dust, sand and dirt are settling unhindered in the carpet, the particles act as emery paper. The carpet wears off faster. Proper carpet maintenance thus extends the life of your carpet for many years.

Regular vacuuming prevents dirt particles from sinking deeper into the carpet pile and getting stuck there. Even a professional carpet cleaning and - if necessary - repairs, will extend the lifetime considerably.

Advantage of washing carpets

At high exposure over several years however, normal vacuuming is no longer sufficient. If heavily soiled, a carpet wash is recommended for maintaining the value. As of ten years of use it is even recommended - but should always be done by an expert.

During a professional cleaning process persistent stains and dirt are simply flushed out. Even damage caused by water or fire can be alleviated or completely eliminated through professional treatment. Moth protection can eventually be incorporated following the wash.

Washing process

1. inventory: you will receive a recommendation from our experts.
2. beating: to protect the carpet, all dust and dirt particles are first beaten out and thoroughly vacuumed before washing.
3. washing: The carpets are washed with natural soaps. This is based on an environmentally friendly process.
4. stretching: To keep the carpets in perfect shape and give them time to dry slowly, they are neatly stretched or professionally laid.
5. drying: the carpets are dried professionally. They are given enough time to do so.
6. finishing: the carpets are beaten again, brushed to remove all the dirt and get a softer feel.

Repairs (if required)

The natural stress mainly affects the exposed side edges of the carpets. From time to time check your carpet for wear and tear, as releasing closures at the edges lead to even greater damage in the long term.

Carpet closures can be renewed through reasonably priced restorations. As a rule of thumb: During a carpet lifecycle, the side edges have to be rewrapped roughly every 15 years.

Assessed by experts

We at DESIGNERCARPETS rate the condition of a carpet very seriously. If need be, we wash or repair appropriately and professionally.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to evaluate your carpet as we care about its condition and the subsequent preservation of value.

Cleaning instructions download

Cleaning instructions - Cleaning and maintenance for your carpet

Stain protection treatments for upholstered furniture and carpets

The developed product is applied to the finished object with pressure. After a drying time, the carrier substance has evaporated and the active ingredient is permanently embedded in the fibre structure. The resulting protective coating prevents the penetration of liquids into the fabric. Spilled liquids roll off the fabric/leather and can easily be soaked up with a cloth.

With this special process, we guarantee that dirt and liquids will penetrate the textile/leather less easily and their removal will be correspondingly easier. Stain protection sealants are completely invisible and odourless. They change neither the appearance nor the feel of the treated material. 

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