Gertrud Arndt

Gertrud Arndt was born on September 20, 1903 in Ratibor / Upper Silesia. With a scholarship in her pocket, Arndt got inspired after visiting the first Bauhaus exhibition in Weinmar (1923) which she then also joined. After the preliminary course, the young woman moved to the workshop for weaving, where she worked creatively for the next three years. In 1927, Arndt completed her apprenticeship at the Bauhaus with a journeyman's examination in Glauchau.

She has designed two carpet models, carpet No. 1 and carpet No. 2. 

Carpet No. 1 was produced once in 1924 as a prototype. Thus, the current production of the residential facility is a world premiere. 

Carpet No. 2 was designed and manufactured for the room of Walter Gropius.

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The rugs from the Gertrud Arndt / Bauhaus collection are hand-knotted from 100% wool. 

The wool is characterized by its natural durability. It is naturally hard-wearing and easy to care for. The rugs in the collection are suitable for both private and public areas.


Designercarpets is a member of the fair-trade label Step. In addition to promoting social standards, we are also committed to the further development of sustainable production. All rugs in the Gertrud Arndt / Bauhaus collection are Step-Label certified.

Bauhaus No. 2 / 1924

Bauhaus No 1 / 1924

100% Wool