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  BELA & ELIS bring pure joie de vivre to every living space! "With my designs, I... more
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BELA & ELIS bring pure joie de vivre to every living space!

"With my designs, I want to inspire people, stimulate their imagination and arouse emotions." For Zurich-based textile designer Sonnhild Kestler, it is important to tell new stories with her work, but also to reactivate past experiences in the viewer: "Abstract, archaic forms are turned into pictorial shapes or scenes that awaken personal memories and thus come to life. BELA & ELIS are also intended to become a canvas for personal narratives and thus the emotional heart of the room.


Handmade unique pieces - sustainable and fair-trade

Sonnhild Kestler begins by carefully developing the colors and shapes: "Compositions unfold intuitively and playfully, which I meticulously put together in a kind of paper collage. I mix the colors that I print onto the paper especially for this purpose, experiment with a vocabulary of shapes and react to the design on a 1:1 scale." Once the color mood is harmonious, the paper and wool colors are perfectly matched and the rug goes into production in Kathmandu: Here, the virgin sheep's wool is hand-spun and BELA & ELIS is produced row by row according to Tibetan knotting tradition.


Lively room atmospheres - can be combined individually and playfully

Thanks to its texture, the Tibetan wool not only provides a uniquely soft feel, but also a healthy living environment - and thanks to the expressive motifs, a lively room atmosphere: BELA & ELIS are an ideal eye-catcher in the living room, are happy to lie at your feet in the bedroom, welcome guests in the hallway and enrich everyday life with their pure presence. The two figures can be playfully combined, enliven the room as a pair head to head or individually and unfold their individual effect depending on the location.



manufacturing: hand knotted
total height: approx. 12 mm
color: multicolour
material: 100% Wool
year of development: 2024
Performance: suitable for highly frequented areas
Size: 83 x 120 cm
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