New technique! Carpet Butterfly – fickle beauties

Butterfly is an extraordinary and sophisticated manufactured product as it is hand-knotted in extremely high density. This high technique product allows the unique design of the brand new model.

The density of the fibres is exceptionally high – 200 knots per square-inch. In reality, this means 310,000 knots per square meter, which is the double for most of the carpets. The result of this complex technique is a high fibre density that produces the effect of several butterflies rising from the surface.

This carpet is a new product in the range of DESIGNERCARPETS. It can be obtained in requested dimensions.

The details in a short review

  • special design by an elaborate knotting technique
  • double density compared to most other carpets: 200 knots/inch², i.e. about 310,000 knots/m²
  • by this partly elevated elements and relief-like surface
  • material & colour: pure silk, multi-coloured
  • fabrication & origin: hand-knotted in Nepal
  • carpet height: 7 mm
  • obtainable in requested dimensions


More about the carpet Butterfly

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Butterfly Butterfly
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