3 Days of Design - Impressions, designs and the art of weaving


Thank you for your numerous visits at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen! We are overwhelmed by your interest and enthusiasm for the art of carpet weaving.

Some impressions summed up for you:

  •  there is still a lot to explain about the art of carpet weaving and many open questions - different techniques and qualities are available on the market. We are still very convinced of the traditional way of knotting carpets, their quality and durability and love to share our insights.
  • Natural raw materials are used in our handmade carpets. While local Himalayan sheep wool or silk are well known, hand-spun nettle, hemp or linen can add interesting color plays and textures to the carpets. We showed the raw yarns and their appearance on the finished carpets. The great interest inspires us to communicate more about the raw materials.

  • Numerous visitors stood in front of the Sonnhild Kestler and Verner Panton collections and started smiling, taking photos or talking about it. An indication that colorful carpets are in demand and evoke positive emotions. We are looking forward to many colorful and joyful interiors!

  • Taking part in a design festival 3daysofdesign was an exciting experience. The atmosphere of the shared space with other innovative brands led to new connections, inspirations and discussions on relevant topics. Thank you Frederikke Aagaard, Sabina Eklund, Jasper Katzban, Anna van Oosterom, Sam Millecam, Fabric Forest, Sheyn., Plastiz, Bill Amberg Studio, Aesop, De Ploeg, COSENTINO, GRID System, Mari Koppanen, Studio Eggi, Nanette de Kool, Schneid Studio and many others.

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