IMM Cologne 2020 - interior fashion

The Bauhaus Jubilee last year has been frequently celebrated. Also in the carpets company Designercarpets in Loerrach, Southern Germany. The reedtion of both Bauhaus carpets was commissioned on the basis of the original wool samples by the company Designercarpets.

Bauhaus No. 1 and No. 2 are knotted in pure new wool and entirely handmade. 

Both carpets were designed by Gertrud Arndt in Winter 1923/1924 in Weimar when she came to the Bauhaus to study architecture. After a pre-course, her journey did not take her to the architectural section as planed but to the weaving section of Bauhaus. There, she designed the famous Bauhaus carpet No. 2. The original carpet decorated the director's office of Walter Gropius. During the research for the new edition the drafts and wool samples of a second carpet from Gertrud Ardt were discovered in the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin, the carpet No. 1. The combination of colours within this carpet is a draft of the year 1924 which was produced only one time. 

(Reference: InteriorFashion 1/2020 / Printout)

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