VP Onion Homestory in the Metermagazin / das Ideale Heim

As soon as you enter the apartment, it is clear that someone with great taste lives here. The old parquet floors have been sanded and stained dark and the walls of the main rooms have been painted in different shades of gray. The works of art were created by Jean-Pierre Lanz

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Under the dining room table you will find the "Onion" design by Verner Panton

The Onion design, which Verner Panton added to his legendary Decor I collection for Mira-X in the mid-1970s, is undoubtedly one of his most impressive textile designs. It differs from the original patterns in the collection in several respects. While the previous Decor I fabrics - Circle, Square, Curve, Stripe, Chequerboard and Wave - were all based on clear, geometric shapes, the Onion motif is characterized by a seemingly organic origin despite its regularity. Another difference was that Onion was only available in a single, generously proportioned scale and not the usual three. A clever decision that effectively underlines the enormously strong dynamic and graphically spatial effect of this design. And finally, Panton also changed or added to the Decor I color scheme specifically for the Onion. In addition to a multicolored version, which corresponded to the color spectrum of the original collection, the design was also available in beige, green and golden brown - possibly a concession to the changing color perception and perception of the 1970s.

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